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The best Learning Management System (LMS) for you. 10 minutes to set up, grows with your organization for the next 10 years, at a price of almost nothing. With Plato, #EveryoneCanLearn

Main features

Different from other learning platforms

Build your best curriculum

Build your best curriculum

Easy setup, easy to use, and easy to integrate with your system

Automatic payment and payroll

Automatic payment and payroll

Automatic payment and payroll for teachers and students

Webinars exclusively for you

Webinars exclusively for you

Webinar system with analytics, whiteboard, and other features to enhance interactivity.

Manage students, 100% comprehensive

Manage students, 100% comprehensive

Manage each student comprehensively, holistically, and easily for administration and analysis

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Learning and Teaching

With Plato, learning and teaching become easy, enjoyable, and hassle-free. Focus only on what matters, which is learning and teaching.

Classes, Grades, Materials, and Exams

Easily create learning materials, quizzes, and exams for your students. Automatic grading system for teachers.

Create attractive offers

Start selling learning packages, semesters, per-class, seminar tickets, webinars, and more.

Chat, Forum, and News

Easy-to-use chat, forum, and news system. Sharing, discussions, and gaining insights are now easier.

Automatic attendance

Automatic attendance and integration with your attendance system, including calendars.


Best, fastest, and cloud-based performance. Plato is built with the latest technology and supported by an experienced team.

Latest technology

Plato is built with the best technology, including an Edge Network system for high-speed global availability.

High speed

With various cloud optimizations, Plato serves every user with high speed, low latency, and global availability.

Unlimited scalability

With the best technology, Plato can handle a large number of users. From 1 to 1,000,000, Plato is unaffected.

Anti-cheating technology

Using AI, Plato can identify and address violations and cheating by students.

Full Management

Features for management are often overlooked by educational platforms. With Plato, management becomes easier, more comprehensive, integrated, and automated.

Teacher management

With Plato, teacher management becomes easier. From class management to administration, task lists, payments, payroll, and more.

Manage obligations for all parties

With task management system, Plato facilitates the management of obligations for all parties involved. Including teachers, students, lecturers, admins, and parents. All in Plato.


Complete, integrated analytics for easy decision making.

Business workflow

All organizations have different workflows. Plato can easily be integrated with your business workflow system.

"Since using the Plato application, management of the Academic, Finance, Lecturer, Student Affairs, and Managerial fields of student learning has become very efficient. In addition, the function of monitoring campus operational activities is very helpful in monitoring learning progress and all internal campus management activities at the LP3M Medan Polytechnic."

Muhamad Nasir Mahmud
Sekretaris ABPPTSI Wilayah Sumatera Utara — Politeknik Unggul LP3M Medan

Who's Plato for?

The solution for schools, universities, and edu businesses



For education businesses, such as tutoring, courses, and the like. Manage all teaching and learning activities, from online and offline classes, to extracurricular activities.



For elementary, junior high, kindergarten, high school, foundations, and the like. Manage all teaching and learning activities, from online and offline classes, to extracurricular activities.



For universities, colleges, and the like. Manage all teaching and learning activities, from online and offline classes, to extracurricular activities.

Fast, accurate, consistent and growing

Using the best technology and optimization strategies, Plato is able to give you a first-class experience, every time.

Server latency*






Storage used***


*30-days average
**Latest test date 10-06-2023
***Last updated 24-06-2023


Affordable pricing, for everyone

This pricing is for USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe only. For Indonesian customers, please change the language to Indonesian to see the pricing for your region. For other countries, please contact us.


For small businesses & schools, or those who are trying.


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  • Access all features
  • 1 to 50 users
  • Email support


Suitable for businesses & schools that are stable on a medium scale.


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  • Access all features
  • 51 to 1,000 users
  • 24/7 realtime support
  • Priority server


For large size businesses & schools. Valid for up to 100,000 users.


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  • Access all features
  • 1,001 to 100,000 users
  • 24/7 realtime support
  • Support 24/7 dengan account manager
  • Priority server

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